ADR Advice Needed

So, DD16 decided she wants to go to Biergarten after I’d already made all of our ADRs. So, I thought we could remove one of our Akershus ADRs and replace it with Biergarten. After talking it over, we decided that DH would go to Akershus while DD and I go to Biergarten. However, I can’t make an ADR at the same time as the Akershus ADR because it wants to cancel the Akershus ADR. I’m pretty sure that there is no way that we will be able to get an ADR at Akershus in December.

If I call Disney Dining, do you think that can change it to just DH at Akershus so that I can make an ADR for DD and I at Biergarten? Or should I just try to make the Biergarten as close to the Akershus as I can?

Can you modify the Akershus to however many that will be and then make the Biergarten one under another MDE account (like your DH’s - they don’t check ID really…)?

Last year when I was making ADRs for a large group I could not always get one for 12 people. I knew that if I split it up I should be able to get availability. Of course you cant get 2 ADR’s at the same time so I called. The CM had no problem doing this for me, I don’t see why they couldn’t change the name on an existing ADR as well.

Or create a dummy account and book Biergarten on that

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Can you make one booking before the other and have starters at one, main courses at the other. …and maybe puddings elsewhere? It may be fun. :wink:

I can’t change me on the ADR since I made it. I thought about changing the other two with dummy guests since you can’t change to just one person. I

I think I may try this by calling. I just don’t want to be on the phone forever.

This sounds like a great idea except that Akershus is family style & buffet; and Biergarten is a flat out buffet. :frowning:

I modify to one all the time.

Does your DH not want to eat at Biergarten?

No, he doesn’t. He’d rather eat two times at Akershus. While chefs can make him special meals for his dietary restrictions (which are extremely complicated), they really only have what’s on hand to work with. He is afraid that they won’t have much he can eat. Plus he doesn’t really want to sit at a large table with strangers. He’s extremely introverted.

How do you change your ADRs to 1 person? I don’t see that option.


Modify. On the app, if you click on the reservation, there should be 3 boxes Cancel, Find on Map, Modify. I’ve never had an issue dropping a res for 2 (or even 3 or 4 if the place I wanted was only showing for that many) to 1. The only one I haven’t tried is 'Ohana because I know their system glitches for that to default to only show even-number reservations.

Online I think it is “Change” but the same basic concept.

Okay, I was able to change from 3 to 1 for Akershus, but it’s me, not Gregg. If I try to make a reservation at Biergarten for 11:30, it wants’ to cancel my ADR for Akershus, even though I’m making it for 2 people instead of three. I think I will just call to have them change it. I realize that they don’t check IDs, but we will be coordinating with special diets for Gregg’s very complicated restrictions, and it would make it less confusing for them if he’s actually listed. I’d log in as Gregg and reserve, but when I searched for Akershus at 11 on 12/22, there wasn’t anything.

Thanks for the help!

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Although I always make my initial ADRs on-line, if I have to modify them later, I always call. I’m sure that if you explain that it’s a split party, they should be able to help you out. When I travel solo I always make my ADRs for 2; this way, if I meet up with another solo Liner (or other solo traveler who might be a pleasant dining companion) I can ask them to join me for dinner.

Just got them to change Akershus over to Gregg and change Biergarten to 11:30 for just Aneira and I. It was pretty painless. Did take a while on hold waiting for a CM, though.

They are closer together in time, but can’t be at the same time because DH’s is for breakfast at 11; and Biergarten doesn’t have availability until 11:30. It’s okay. Close enough.

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