ADR 180 Day Anxiety

Ermehgerd! ADR 180 day is Friday! 3rd time to the ‘World’ and this is the first time I’ve actually been able to book @ the 180 day mark.
Got one answer already to one of the questions I’d had - was wondering if I would be able to book ROL dining package and was worried that I wasn’t seeing any availability but I guess it’s because Disney isn’t booking the ROL dinner package that far out.
Would really like to score a reservation for BOG for dinner on one of my days.
My big question - when I sign in to MDE early Friday, will I be able to ‘see’ up to 10 days past my 180-day mark? I know resort guests can book up to 10 days of their stay but I’m freaked out that I’ll only be able to reserve for my first day only! Someone talk me down!

It sounds like you are staying on property. If yes, then YES - you can book 180 days + 10 days.
If you are not staying on property, each reservation can only be made on the 180 days mark.

Yes, staying on site. Just checked MDE again and noticed that dates on the reservation calendar are blue (available to be booked), grey (not available) but the dates of our stay are ‘highlighted’ in blue so I’ll take that as a good sign! Thanks!

My last try I could not book on the website but the app worked.

I just did my ADR’s a couple of weeks ago. I was up early, had multiple tabs open, and was able to get EVERYTHING I wanted. I was able to get reservations for all days I needed on my reservation, and actually just this week went back in and added some in. I trust you’ll be able to get dinner at BOG, just be up early and flexible on the day or time.

The night before reservation day, my daughter and I sketched out what days we were planning to be in each park. That helped me figure out which days to get which restaurants. It worked out great.

I will be booking for my first time ever next week… any tips?
So basically anyone overlapping my stay will have already booked for the days I will be there

What did having multiple tabs open get you?

I could plug in the dates on MDE on each tab. That way I could look for the exact restaurant on the exact date at the same time. Just be sure to check everything before hitting “confirm” as you solidify your plan! (I almost double booked on different days for something once.)

I found some good tips on the Touring Plans webpage.

Just a couple questions for you…

Did you have a tab for each day of your stay up and ready to go before 6:00 am, or did you have to wait until after this time to open the tabs?

Did you find that it worked better with any particular web browser? The last time we booked, it seemed like one worked better with the Disney site, but I can’t remember which one it was.

I was able to get everything I wanted without having multiple windows open, during CLs 9 & 10. Just be ready to go at 6am SHARP and work in the order of HARDEST to get to easiest to get. Don’t go in order of date. Make sure your credit card data is stored in MDE so you don’t have to enter it each time.

I had a spreadsheet with the restaurant, date and approx time slot I wanted. i then rearranged this list in order of hardest to easiest by restaurant.



I’ve already got my spreadsheet ready to go like a good anal-retentive Liner.:slight_smile: I just want to make sure that I have all my bases covered and see if there are any other little things I might want to consider.


Would you share it? First timer and I am a little lost!!

I just made a list of all the places we wanted to eat from most to least and booked all the mosts first. If you don’t get it on the day you want shoot again for near the tail of your trip since all the people who arrive after you can’t start booking yet and it seems like you have a long stay so many who arrive the same day will leave before you. If you don’t get a most, try it for lunch instead. I got online as soon as the reservations opened and we got everything we tried for during prime dining times 6pm-Ish dinner every night, 1pm lunches, breakfast between 8am and 930 daily. I even went back and changed a bunch of dining plans later. The hardest ones IMO were the good Magic Kingdom and popular Epcot joints. I couldn’t get BOG for supper, but we had breakfast there twice and lunch once. YMMV

There are really only a couple of restaurants that are harder to get: Cinderella’ Royal Table, Be Our Guest for dinner and pre rope drop- I think Tusker will be very hard pre rope drop too. What are you hoping to book? Usually at day 180 you can get just about anything. Sometimes some reservations are just not in the system yet- so don’t panic!


I definitely went from toughest to get to easiest, regardless of where it was in my trip. I had everything up and ready at 5:50, and by 6:30 I was done with every res I wanted for the trip.


Well, I got through it.
Obviously, booking reservations in September is a lot different than ‘crowd level 10’ periods. Was able to get BOG dinner and CM late breakfast, which were our ‘must-dos’.
Unable to get H&V pre rope drop, dinner or dinner package. Wasn’t able to get ROL dp either. Called and was advised by agent to try back ‘in a week or two’ for H&V and that ROL was only booking to June.


You should set up a reservation finder search on this site. I didn’t use it (others have had great luck), but we swapped our February plans last minute (2 weeks out) because DS decided he wanted to do the Jedi training. I was able to score an 8:30 at HV.

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Good call re: reservation finder - think I’ll give it a whirl
H&V wasn’t offering any dates for the week and the agent wasn’t sure why (possib refurb etc) and apparently there’s some uncertainty as to whether ROL will continue past June (?)