ADR & 180+10 rule

When making ADR for an on-site visit, do you need hotel reservations for all members of the dinner party to get 180+10?

I have a reservation for my family of 4, and would like to include grandparents in our ADR’s but they do not have a WDW hotel reservation. Will I be able to make a reservation for 6?

You will be able to make the reservation for 6 when your Window opens even with only 4 on the hotel reservation. Unless you are doing a prepaid like CRT you don’t even need to enter names fir the ADR

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Thank you! And DH just thought of a question. Once you have a reservation for, say, a group of 6, could you change it to a group of 4 later or would you lose your table?

You might be able to modify but you can just show up with 4 as long as one person shows up you don’t get charged.

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