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Hopefully, someone on this forum will be able to help me. Several years ago, my parents purchased eight, seven day park hopper tickets that have not been used and have no expiration date (kind of as an investment). We are trying to find a way to exchange these tickets for magic bands. We have been told by a couple people that the only way to exchange them would be to go to guest services before we go into a park. The problem is that we would have no way of securing fast passes before the day we enter a park. The other issue is that we live in Ohio! I was hoping to find a way to somehow link them to My Disney Experience and use them at a future date. Does anyone have any experience with this type of issue? My guess is that there are others in the same boat! Thanks for any input!

I would call a ticket specialist at wdw: 407-566-4985 option 5.

They are the ones that could help you link the tickets to MDE. Magic bands come with your resort stay (it is your room key) or you can buy one if staying off site.

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As PT says, the issue here is to get your tickets linked to your MDE account - magic bands do not enter into the equation.

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This is easy to take care of. Set up your MDE account. Once you have that, go into MDE and under “Plan and Manage” click on “My Reservations and Tickets.” That will take you to a page, which eventually lists your hotel and dining reservations, FPP you’ve reserved, and your tickets. Since your tickets are not yet linked, it will say that, and has a button, “Link Tickets.” Click on it, and it brings you to a page of detailed information for how to add your tickets, using the serial number on them, based on their vintage.

I did this for our old unused tickets.Worked very well! It also has the number to call: (407) 939-4357.

You do not “exchange tickets for magic bands,” you want to link tickets to your MDE account. Then either buy magicbands or get free ones with your WDW hotel reservation. Link those magicbands to your MDE account. Then the bands will function like tickets at the park.

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Oh! I assumed that due to the age of the tickets that did not work! Great catch to try that first!

Thanks for the information! I will call the specialist.


Unfortunately, these tickets were purchased before 2007. It looks like I’ll have to call the ticket specialist! Thanks.

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