Adjustments to AK TP times?

So will there be any adjustments to the TP system after the opening of Pandora to possibly adjust wait times? Meaning if I have a plan for June set now and I “optimize” after Pandora has been open for a bit will the wait times adhhust based on me traffic? Make sense?

Once @len has sufficient data to make relatively accurate predictions, I am sure that there will be updates. Short of that, you can look on lines and see posted/reported wait times for the current day and get a rough idea. That being said, I think it will be very dynamic for at least several months…

I know TP is supposed to send out an alert if crowd levels are updated for our park days, but how will we know when/if wait times are updated for Pandora if the CL’s don’t change?

We’re updating individual attractions every couple of weeks. I’m sure Fred will write something once we have enough data for the models, usually a bit more than 30 days. So expect it to be dialed in around the beginning of July, for predictions made more than a day in advance.

Note that we also do intraday adjustments on all the wait times. So as soon as the park opens and we see what crowds are like, we’re re-doing that day’s forecasts every 5 minutes.


Thanks, Len. My trip begins June 24. I already have my TPs created and FP+ booked. At what point (if any) should I re-evaluate the TP to ensure I have a plan with up-to-date estimated wait times?

Also, is there any benefit to re-evaluating a TP once you’re in the park? It seems there might be some risk to doing that. For example, you have pre-booked FP+ times and the TP changes the times you arrive at those attractions based on a predicted vs. actual crowd level discrepancy. Now you might not be able to modify your existing FP+ reservations to fit into the new window(s).

Oh, yeah, definitely when you’re in the parks. My off-the-cuff estimate is that you’ll save another hour in the Magic Kingdom, for example, once we start doing same-day adjustments. The reason is that we have to make certain assumptions about how the crowds will build at each attraction, but with 40+ attractions, some of the rides’ waits don’t go according to plan. So for the ones that don’t, re-adjusting the wait estimates can save tons of time.

As for re-evaluating before the trip, I’d suggest about a week out.