Adjusting walk times when using MK trains to move around the park

I’m just wondering if there is any way to adjust a customized plan to take into account that we are using the train from Main St. station to get to the back of the park for Fantasyland attractions. By default it automatically calculates riding the whole loop and then walking to the back of the park.

I don’t know if touring plans has great wait time data on the railroad. Usually when touring plans doesn’t have data for something people want to do, then folks suggest just adding a break in your personalized plan to account for the time you expect the event to take plan. In the case of a train ride, that might be tough to calculate.

Some things to consider:

(1) You may not be able to board the first train that comes to the station. I just traveled with a family that wanted to ride the train a couple times and was surprised how long we had to wait to actually board the train. At one point during mid/late afternoon (4:20 PM) we waited 21 minutes as a couple trains filled up before we found a seat. The actual times from Frontierland to Fantasyland was eight minutes (from when we boarded until the train arrived at the next station).

In another instance on the same trip, we just missed a train leaving Fantasyland at 6:05, then boarded the next train at 6:20 and arrived. Our trip to Main Street then lasted seven minutes.

(2) The train stops during parades. Many of the parade routes cross the train tracks at some point, so the train has to stop running until all the floats pass by. I’ve been stuck on a train that couldn’t move for this reason + this also creates a queue of people once a train fills up and the next one won’t arrive for longer than usual, because the railroad is stopped for the parade.

I’m not trying to discourage use of the railroad, as it’s a fun way to get around, but the last few times I’ve tried to ride there’s always been something that made the trip take a lot longer than I expected.