Adjusting Touring plans in case of early park open?

I’m trying to come up with a “just in case” plan if the parks open early over Spring Break. Because the posted time is 9 am, the Touring software won’t let me start my plan an hour earlier than official start time. I’m offsite so can’t use EMH, only early park open.

Is there a work-around so I can adjust manually the park open time and still use evaluate? I’d like to have a back-up in advance on what to do with that extra hour & wait times.

TIA Nicka

I would do a totally seperate plan starting at 9 am.Copy your plan then take out your top 3/4 emh rides ( remember only FL and TM in Mk) and then you will have a new plan to work with. For my kids we would do 7dwarf Space and Buzz before my plan started at 9. Most others might pick Ppan pooh or A&E. Hope this makes sense.
Of course this means you don’t actually have an official plan 8-9 but it will work.

Nicka, I have the same issue. Here’s what I did: I added a “meal” to my plan at 8am. (It’s a fake meal at Be Our Guest) I used this “meal” as a place holder for the attractions that I think I can do in that first hour. So, I think its doable to get Space Mountain, Speedway and Buzz done from 8-9am. So I put a note in my “meal” listing these attractions. Then, proceeded with the normal TP at 9am.