Adjusting and Managing ADRs

I have reservations at many locations for 2 people for our upcoming trip (10 days away). We are adding a 3rd person to our travel party now.

None of them are hard to get ressies since I made them 3 days ago. But wondering if I should bother changing all of them to 3 people or just deal with at the location?

We have:

  • Yak & Yeti 6:45pm (for park closing)
  • Trex at 5pm for pre-boat ride to PORS
  • Tonys at 7:30pm for parade and calamari


I'd call and see if you can up it to 3. If not, you'll most likely be able to add the 3rd person at check in at the restaurant with no problems.

Can you get a ressie for 3 from the dining page? If not, I would just show up.

I would if you can. You're likely moving from a small 2 person table to a 4 top and if that isn't what they were prepared for you'll probably end up waiting longer than you expected.

I was thinking these were pretty basic / not popular places. I am going to try to adjust - wish me luck!


Was anyone else having troubles making ADR's this morning? Grrrr - I'm not my best at 3am (west coaster) but that was ridiculous!

@EthicalAddict I'm a West coaster too. ADR day is just brutal for me. I'm too old to wake up for the day at 2:45. But I guess my Disney addiction is stronger than my need for sleep😴

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@Jntt4 it's totally brutal and I have the second half of our ADR's to book on Sunday 😴 but in six months I'll be so happy I made the sacrifice.

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Even though they laugh at me, My family is always thankful when they don't have to think and they just show up to whatever reservation or event I had planned, with minimal wait. I does pay off.

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I would definately call in advance to change the ADR from 3 to 4. Tony's can sometimes be trickey; that's the only one that might be a problem.