Adjoining suites

How difficult is it to get adjoining rooms? We were originally looking at getting a family suite, but it looks like for the money you are getting one less bathroom and one less comfy bed for the price.

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Do you mean connecting rooms (i.e. rooms with an internal door between them) or adjoining rooms (rooms that are simply next to each other)? WDW has a limited number of connecting rooms, but obviously plenty that are next to each other.

EDIT: Didn’t mean for this reply to sound as snarky as it does, but I just wanted to make sure that we are talking about the same thing. During busy times it can be difficult to get something as simple as adjoining rooms, let alone interconnecting.

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I actually did me connecting rooms, thanks for the clarification.

And we are looking at the value resorts

Disney will never guarantee it Thats why you need to have an adult allocated to every room. If you have more children than adults they will prioritise you for connecting.

How does one make requests for this? How far out can you make a request? We are over a year out from our trip.

You can initially make the request when you make your reservation. I’m not sure if connecting rooms is an option when doing on-line Check-In, but you can also fax a request to your resort about 4 days before arrival

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So I just saw an ad about AOA family suites which stated that they have 2 bathrooms, is this correct? I couldn’t tell if this was ‘official’. Do all family suites have two bathrooms?