Adjoining rooms?

We are staying in preferred rooms at All Star Sports and put in our fax request. Our top criteria is to have adjoining rooms, how likely is this to happen? Any other tips for the request, we check in on March 31! Can’t wait!

Adjoining rooms are relatively easy. Adjoining just means they are next to each other.

If you are wanting a door between the rooms, you need to be requesting connecting.

No guarantees either way - but if you request adjoining and get it, then complain that you didn’t get what you requested…well, you did.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll make sure I use the proper terminology :grin:

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You’re welcome.

I used to work in a hotel reservations department, and no matter how many times we’d ask for clarification, people would insist they wanted “adjoining” and then complain when that is exactly what they got because they really wanted them connecting.

I have the same request in for All Star Sports arriving Saturday the 24th! I looked at my online reservation, and they had “adjoining (not connecting)” so I called them to change it to connecting! They said they changed it … but it still shows “adjoining” on my reservation online. I guess we’ll take what we get, but I’m not sure calling them even helped?

I have never been able to see my requests online. So I have no clue.