Adjoining Rooms at PORS

Has anyone had experience requesting adjoining rooms (right next to each other) at PORS? We have a party of 12 - needing 3 hotel rooms-- wondering what our luck will be in Mid-August? We are staying in the Bayou section. Also- Anyone had any luck getting an upgrade to the Preferred Buildings?

So this is my horror story: I love the Mansions. My sister loves AB. I requested the Mansion. I checked in and I had a room in AB. An adjoining room to my sister ( we live three miles apart). So yes, they have them ( I refused to move out of the lobby until they changed my room).

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There is an option to link your reservations through MDE (I believe you can do this during online checkin and perhaps also during booking). I would also call or fax and have your only request being having those rooms together. When you check in, I’d confirm with the CM that they are together. If you get fancy with additional room requests (Third floor of bldg 85, etc) that will make if harder for the CMs to accommodate. I have had luck with getting rooms nearby almost every time I have tried, so hopefully you’ll have no trouble too :smile:

Yes we had adjoining rooms in AB with my parents. we had our reservations linked and I also had sent a fax requesting this.

I’m not sure if three rooms would connect to each other. You’d be lucky to get two that are interior connecting with the third very nearby. I know that the wording has a lot to do with the rooms you actually end up with. “Adjoining” and “connecting” can be two very different things. I’d let a CM know if you want to be close to each other or go between rooms without going outside.