Additional FPP at HS

We are going to HS for just a few hours for later afternoon / evening in August. Plan is to hit the best stuff, see Fantasmic and Star Wars fireworks (if Disney ever confirms with a schedule). My question - is it correct that you have to use all three FP to book a fourth? In all likelihood there won’t be a fourth available that we want, but lately I have been seeing FP available later in the day with similar crowd levels. So back to the question. I am pretty sure you can’t let them expire and get another FP, but I have see mention about canceling them and book a new one Tier One. Is this true?? And if I am trying to skirt the system could you scan into a show and then leave? (My family will think I am nuts!)

Check out this link and test of the new FP process. It should answer most of your questions. Changes to FP+

This used to be true with the old system but not with the new upgrade.

Once you scan in your FP is used. So yes you could.