Additional FP for larger group with modify tip?

Larger group of 10 heading down in April. Has anyone used the modify trick with success with a larger group?

Not for a group that size…largest group I have modified for was 5. And I had to sometimes break it into party of 2,3, sometimes 1,1,3.

Last summer we had a group of 9 and I was able to get more fastpasses during the day. You will have to break your group down and look for overlapping fastpasses usually. But I was able to get a bunch more - one day I don’t think we rode anything without a fastpass at MK except the People Mover, Tiki Room, and CoP.

Another trick I used for the summer was if it looked like it was going to storm - I would try and grab fastpasses to an outdoor ride like Dumbo. When it went down - those convert to anytime fastpasses and then you work on grabbing another FP.


THAT - IS - A - GAME - CHANGER… what a great idea!!!