Additional Fast passes

Hello , please settle a marital dispute! I am reading/ seeing as we make our plans for ( 94 days from now) that after your first 3 fast passes, you may add additional fast passes in the park you want at a kiosk for fast passes. My lovely wife says you can use your app on your phone to add additional fast passes. Is this true? WE have park hopper and kids 18, 6 and 4.

Ty in advance.

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I do believe your wife is right. :wink:
I don’t think kiosks even exist anymore for guests. I do believe Guest Services can do it for you, otherwise, everything is managed through MDE.


TY! I read the disney touring plan 1 day plan and it CLEARLY states after your first 3 fast passes go to a kiosk! SMH. ty friend for your help. It does make sense… glad we dont have to stand in line for a kiosk!

You can do this from your phone, but just a heads up there are still some kiosks around if you needed to do it manually as well.

Magic Kingdom

  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Pete’s Silly Sideshow
  • Mickey’s PhiharMagic
  • Near Jungle Cruise
  • Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
  • Tomorrowland Bridge

Hollywood Studios

  • Toy Story Land Entrance
  • Tip Board (corner of Sunset & Hollywood)
  • Sunset Boulevard


  • Character Spot
  • Innovation East Breezeway
  • International Gateway

Animal Kingdom

  • Island Merchantile
  • Dawa Bar
  • Mandala Gifts

When the app is wonky, I have occasionally sought out a kiosk and had better luck. Just FYI.

I believe there are still kiosks in all of the parks. You can get additional fastpasses from either the kiosks or the app on your phone. On our last trip we used both methods. The kiosks were great when we couldn’t get a decent wifi signal.

You are both right.

As soon as you tap into that 3rd FPP, use your phone to start scheduling the next one. We were surprised by the horrible crowds here this week, but we were lucky to ride our must do rides early or with our pre planned FPP. Then we scored FP after FP for other rides. We would just pick the next available ones in the area, tap in and start again. TIP: If you don’t see what you want, go back a screen and start over. In 3 or 4 tries we would see different offerings each time.


Also even if you don’t get a time you want, just grab a later time, and then keep modifying up the FP until it’s close to the time you want.

This is the key to getting hard to find rides. Grab that FoP for 6 hours later, then modify. That’s the only way you’ll get a sooner time.

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