Adding WWoHP to WDW trip


Ha! My daughter is 23 and we went in September. She said, “How did you do it, Dad?” I said “Do what?” She said, “Put up with us as kids in these parks? Now that I’m old enough to feel the heat, see the lines and the prices, get tired half way through the day. I don’t know if I could do this with little kids!”. I said, “we loved you. You’ll be able to do it!”

Actually Universal was a side activity. We went to do Discovery Cove and loved it. Much more relaxing and “adult”!


As I am just now looking at everything for our 2 days at Universal prior to our week at Disney, this plan is very helpful. I have planned one whole day devoted to all Harry Potter…


How far from Orlando do you live, could you plan Universal as a seperate trip? It’s just that tickets for a day or 2 are very expensive. I asked for advice on which to do first and as @Wahoohokie says everyone is different. I had wanted it last, because with express passes and the closeness of the hotels it seemed far more relaxing. We’ve gone with doing it first because otherwise we would have missed our friends at WDW.

I like your plan @profmatt we might do HP exactly as you advise next year, assuming it’s DA that opens at 8am.