Adding WDW tickets to a ticketless package

Hoping someone here can help. I am a passholder - I made 2 reservations for my family for a WDW trip in November. I just realized (I know… rookie mistake) that the packages do not include tickets for the rest of my non-passholder family members. I thought, easy enough, call Disney and add tickets no big deal. I called and was told - nope - you have to pay in full right now if you want to add tickets.

Here’s the hangup - we aren’t positive we are going to make this trip. We’ve got some health issues with one of the members of the family. I’d like to go ahead and start booking FP’s at 60 days (which is in 2 days) but pay for the trip at 30 days out once we’ve confirmed that we will be going.

Does anyone have experience in this? Did I just get a CM who didn’t know or is this standard policy and i’m just out of luck?

Is there any reason you’re trying to create a ticketless package for the others? You could just buy the stand-alone tickets. But you would need to pay for them now.

However if you buy the tickets and can’t use them, you can get the face value of them against future tickets / APs. Although only one ticket can be used per person.

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Trying to avoid paying for them right a this moment as it’s so unpredictable. If a party members health takes a wrong turn they likely wouldn’t be able to use the tickets within a year or two along with their spouse who is also part of this. The 3 others might be able to use the tickets but no guarantee. This is (unfortunately) one of those “one time when everyone can go together situations”.

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You cannot make FPs without tickets. A ticketless package would be room and dining. Did you ask if you can modify your room only reservation to a package (room and tickets )?

Edited to add: the pay in full date for any package is 30 days. They are changing you now for tickets.

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I understand the no FP’s without tickets - that’s why I’m trying to add tickets to our room & dining package.

I tried to modify the package (room & dining) to include tickets but I was told I wouldn’t be able to use my passholder discount. The other issue with that is the availability of rooms on our dates is basically non-existent and the rates are much higher. I could take a chance and cancel the rooms and try to re-book but i’m afraid of losing all of it. I really didn’t think adding on tickets to our package would be that big of an issue. If we were 100% positive that the trip was happening I would pay for the tickets now, no problem. It’s just that uncertainty that is killing us!

Oh, you have a package already? Your issue is that in order to add tickets to your package all tickets need to be the same? I am trying to understand because sometimes there are certain “key words” you can use that help will help the person that answers the phone.

Unfortunately , if you have a room plus dining booked now, you have a package. You will have to buy the tickets to make FPs.

I will say, if through you have to change from a room only to a package, I have always been able to keep my discount. I don’t think that is your problem here.

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Tickets absolutely must be paid in full at the time of purchase. This is correct information.

I think they wanted to add them to their ticketless package to maintain the 30 day payoff but they cannot .

OIC I misunderstood

You can buy them separately, which requires paid in full, and link them to the individuals. But they are non-refundable so that may not work with the uncertainty of this trip.

If the trip is that uncertain I’d be nervous to put the money down for all those tickets. Two thoughts- would trip insurance help with this?(I have no idea maybe someone else does). And maybe others can share there successes with booking FP at 30 days.

Good luck!