Adding Water Park Day- Changing Plans help?

We are now about 36 days out from our trip, and my 8 year old JUST NOW decided she was interested in making a planning request. Up until now, I think it was still too far away for her to think about it seriously. But now, she is begging to add a water park day to our trip. Financially, this kind of sucks, as an extra park ticket day (only $60 more for the 7th day for all four of us) but one water park day is going to run $240. But, my family does love water parks and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request, given that it’s basically the ONLY request she’s made of the entire vacation.

Here’s my current park plan:

Day 1. Arrival Day: Evening MK
Day 2. AK: RD, midday break, evening park
Day 3. Epcot: RD, FW, done by 2 for evening at hotel
Day 4. MK. RD, midday break, evening park
Day 5. HS. RD, midday break, evening park (stay for fireworks)
Day 6, Epcot, midday start, afternoon evening WS (stay for fireworks)
Day 7-8, travel off property
Day 9, MK. RD, do whatever we want and feel like
Day 10, early AM fly home

So my question is, given these plans, what would you adjust to fit in a water park day? I can only see 2 logical options:

  • Drop day 3 of epcot and merge FW and WS into a full day on day 6
  • Keep original plans for first 6 days, and change the day 9, last hurrah day at MK to a water park.

Am I missing any realistic alternatives? Which of those choices would you pick? I already have all my FPPs for the whole thing, but day 9 would be the easiest to adjust, as it’s an extra day and not a big deal. But I’m wondering if having a waterpark day in the middle would be kind of like a break from the parks?


I can only say that for my family, RD all those days in a row would get me lynched from the master bedroom. I would leave EPCOT and make day 9 my hardcore MK day, then I would make day 4 the water park day.

Are you buying water park and more or just entry into the water parks? If you’re adding water park and more, I think that gives you the same number of water park days as you have park days. You might be able to do a couple of afternoons there or skip one of your off property days for a (second?) water park day.

Can’t skip my off property days, unfortunately, as we are driving to southern georgia to see family. I thought about doing the water park and more, but I didn’t think we’d actually go more than once, which wouldn’t make economical sense.

I agree all those rope drop days may be a bit much, which is why i was considering that midweek break of waterpark. I hadn’t considered skipping day 4 of MK. Hmmmm… That might work. Then we could hit a full day of MK when we’re refreshed after a couple days of rest.

Off to look at crowd calendars, lol.

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I believe you can still add the water park & more option to unused tickets. Definitely worth investigating as the cost to add it to a 7 day ticket is about $20/person. During summer the best water park days are mid week so if Day 4/5 is mid week that might be a fit and you’d still be able to fit in the fireworks as the water parks close earlier. I have an 8 year old daughter who is as excited about her return to Blizzard Beach than just about anything else.

Wait, how do i get it for only $20/person? I only see adding it as the “water park and more” option, which is $64/person.

Looking at the WDW ticket price pages, adding water park fun & more is +$26.00 per person (ages 10+). That is an upgrade to a 7-day base ticket, or a 7-day park hopper. That gives you 7 visits to water parks, mini-golf, etc. Maybe you were looking at a single day admission to water parks, which is $60? Those are stand-alone tickets.

I’m seeing 7 day park hopper tickets at $467/adult and 7 day park hopper with wp+ for $495/adult on Disney’s site.

Undercover tourist and/or AAA are probably cheaper.

I see, if you do not have PH than it’s $64/person.

Yeah, no park hoppers here. 1 day per park is plenty for us.

For your day 3 Epcot day, could you end your time at the park an hour or so earlier and just head to a water park from there? With the water park closing earlier, you would still be able to enjoy an evening at your hotel.