Adding UOR days to a WDW touring plan?

Is it possible to add Universal Studio parks to a WDW touring plan? I am researching a possible trip to WDW and would like to add a few days at UOR. I currently set it up as 2 separate plans but it would be better to have them combined…


Unfortunately, you have to set it up as a separate trip. But from your dashboard (desktop), you are able to view both plans on the same page by hitting “My Personalized Touring Plans” near the bottom right.

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If you set up your dates and where you are staying for each trip you can also see all of your stays (with touring plans linked per day) in one place on your dashboard. As @bebe80 said, you will also be able to see your touring plans in another section too.

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Great! Thanks for the tips. This seems like an improvement they could make. I would think the majority of users are doing more than Disney on their Disney vacations.