Adding touring time to World Showcase Pavilions?

I am new to using Touring Plans and I am working on an Epcot plan. When planning times in the World Showcase pavilions, it automatically gives me 10 minutes for touring in each one. We will have twin 2.5 year olds with us and know that it will take longer than this. Is there a way to add time in each pavilion manually so that it will show up on my plan? Thanks!

One way is to add each twice or more. A little clunky but it works. I added extra instances to my TP for Japan to make time to pick a pearl.

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Yep. I do the same thing. I just add it as many times for as long as I think I’ll want.

Key sometimes is to then EVALUATE so they stay in order.

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One can always add a “break” or a “meal” at a restaurant close by or in that pavilion as a workaround. Go well.


User-definable pavilion times is something @len and co are working on. Don’t know when it will be released though.

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