Adding the Food &Wine Festival into your touring plans

So my husband and I are going to Disney from 9/14-9/19(travel days not included) this year. We are getting park hopper tickets and plan to do all Disney parks in 5 days. Last year we used the touring plans and loved them! How do we work Epcots Food & Wine Festival into our touring plans? A lot of the information I’ve read says to start the FWF early around 11 when it opens to avoid lines. I’m assuming we won’t hit every booth in one day, nor would our tummies want us to so we may need to do it more than one day. Any advice that can be given would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

  • Just set aside an entire afternoon or two to walking around the World Showcase, starting at 11am.
  • You won’t need ADRs for lunch or dinner.
  • Buy a gift card at Epcot that’s on a little hangtag that comes with a stretchy plastic bracelet, and load it up. Use that to pay at the booths if you want to limit your spending.
  • OR - just use your magicband if it’s connected to a credit card on your Disney resort room if you don’t care how much you spend!
  • Make sure you pick up the free Passport and have the CMs stamp it at all the booths you visit.
  • Make sure you take pictures of everything before you eat it.
  • If you’re using the Dining Plan, you can use snack credits for most of the food items.

What worked well for me was to just create a big block of time (a break in the touring plan) and call it World Showcase. It’s a great part of Disney World to underplan. If you’re going to ride Frozen, you’ve got to plan that separately from the rest of World Showcase anyway, so you only have the Mexico ride, and the shows in China, American Adventure, France, and Canada, and I don’t think the waits for those are ever huge.

I have never been to F&W before, but here is my plan for the day. It’s on the heels of a MNSSHP the night before, so the 11:00am start worked well. I am assuming that the 10 min alotted for each pavilion will be around the amount of time I will need to hit the booths, but you will notice, I didn’t really put anything time sensitive into the later part of the plan. So, this is really just sort of a guide.

That 202 minutes of free time is prime wandering-around-World-Showcase time. :slight_smile:

I’ve not tried to create a touring plan for when to visit the different food booths. I’d suggest a “break” in your plan around meal times, and give yourself time to try a number of different items.

Lines at some of the food booths get pretty long during Food & Wine, particularly on weekends, though I found that even when things get a little clogged up at the booths near the entrance to World Showcase and Mexico and Canada, that crowds are manageable as you get a little farther back. Even the longer lines tend to move pretty quickly, as there are usually 3 cashiers and the most popular stands, and during busy times some booths (France, for example) will open a second line that many guests don’t even notice.

You definitely need a few days. I was there a week last year (and in Epcot for at least some time most of those days) and just barely made it through the list of things I wanted to try. Menus are out now, so you can start prioritizing what you think you’ll like. The Disney bloggers will start posting their reviews right away, once the Festival opens, but it sounds like you’ll be there right when things start, so you may have to rely on the menu descriptions and reviews of dishes that return from past years to make your choices.

The Festival is a lot of fun, to try new things and old favorites. Traveling with someone else means you can try even more things, so hope you guys have a great time!

Such great ideas so far! Thanks everyone! So one thing thats not clicking for me is should I spend a few mornings in another park then hop over to Epcot around lunch time for multiple days? Maybe spend a full day in both of the bigger parks then half day in the two smaller parks (one of those being Epcot obviously) and do a mix between rides and eating that day?

[quote=“mercedes.mcgee, post:7, topic:26797”]
should I spend a few mornings in another park then hop over to Epcot around lunch time for multiple days[/quote]

I like hopping to Epcot for meals. I tend to eat dinner grazing around World Showcase, but could see heading there for lunch after a morning at another park.