Adding Savi's Workshop and Droid Depot into TP

Just snagged reservations for both Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot but Droid Depot isn’t in the Touring Plans pull-down options yet and Savi’s Workshop doesn’t have reservation times that I can select yet. Any idea if that is being added and/or when? Without being able to add specific reservation times, they’re throwing off my plan and hours.

TP is usually super on top of things and quick to add new attractions so I thought I woudl ask.

I added it into my plan as a break that does not leave the park…set it as taking an hour, just to be safe…


Since they just opened up today, without warning, I guess the team are onto it. They should become available soon.

YOU HAVE CHANGED MY WORLD!!! THANK YOU!! I feel silly for not even thinking about this.

I had all these plans for extra magic hours (which rides to go on during extra magic hours) but I didn’t have a place to “put” them. And if I tried to put them, it threw my times off. For example, on the second day of Magic Kingdom, we’re doing all the Frontierland and Adventureland rides (none of which are open for EMH) so I wanted sort of a placeholder for my 7am-8am time slot before our first fast pass for Big Thunder Mnt. I don’t want to create specific EMH rides for that time because I want my family to choose what to do that morning. Same with Animal Kingdom- we have Kilamanjaro at 9:20 so I needed a section for the other options for EMH without having to actually choose which rides. So I just added a BREAK for 60 minutes and in the notes wrote something like, “can use this time to ride Peter Pan, Dumbo…” (and listed all the rides open for EMH)

GENIUS. You made my plans so much cleaner.


Breaks are quite helpful for all kinds of things, once you stop thinking of them as ‘breaks’ (it took me forever). Glad I could help!

They usually don’t put in things like this. For example, you can’t add BBB so I just put in a break.

I already had my TP set out as hoping to get a Res for Savis for the Afternoon during EEMH (thanks to a helpful tip from Steve Bloom in a blog post. Thanks @SteveBloom !) so when I searched for reservations I booked a 1:10pm and then went back and looked for one that was closer to my Optimized TP and got one!

Would’ve loved to have one in the early morning since that when we plan to do EEMH for MFSR but having a set time to go back is just as good as a FPP to me! And we have a really relaxed plan for HS.

Yesterday when I was looking at the reservations, EMH times were not available. I assume during EMH only standby is available. I would keep the afternoon reservations for Savi’s.

I did the same thing. I was able to get a 9:30 res for Savi’s which is where the TP had put it, but now without a 74 minute wait. We will hit the EEMH for most things, do lightsaber building, and leave HS for Epcot, then taking about a six hour break. Will return to HS after 6 p… with an Oga’s res at 8:30.

I was able to get a 2pm Savi’s Workshop and a 3:30PM Droid Depot reservation. That’s all they had. I’m ok with it. Still planning on a 6am arrival to try to get into a que. And worse case scenario, we have time for Toy Story land and the rest of the park. As long as I know my lightsaber and droid build are locked in…I consider that a WIN!

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yeah, I was looking for something after EMH because I figured they wouldn’t take res’s for then but its still all booked for Breakfast and Lunch 10/29. I’ll keep checking for more times and cancellations.

My OCD has a hard time leaving a land, and coming back later lol. But to experience it all, you kind of have too. I can’t imagine trying to get on MFSR around 3pm with my Sav’is res.