Adding part-time guests

I’m looking for advice for how to handle adding guests to my room-only reservation at Pop. My 2 DD’s and I will be staying 5 nights and will not have a car. Grandma who winters in FL may come stay for night #2 only and would have a car to park that one night. An aunt is coming to stay with us night #3-5 and will likely need to use DME. Ideally I would like to add both to our reservation to be on the up-and-up and get them magic bands and FPP. However I am afraid they would then charge me for a third adult even though there will never be 3 adults staying at one time. Also afraid they would charge us for parking the whole stay. Any suggestions or past experience of how the resort might handle this?

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If your aunt wants to use DME then she will need to be added to the reservation.

As long as they both have tickets linked to MDE, then you can book FPs for them at your 60 day window.

I would wait and add them at the front desk. You can ask for a magic band or key card for them. And once you’ve added your aunt then you can phone and book her onto DME.

And you can sort out the parking fee at the front desk too. When you add Grandma just tell them she will have a car for the night she stays. Check your charges before you leave and if extra nights have been charged then ask them to remove them from the bill.

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