Adding parkhopper to ticket

Can I add parkhopper to a ticket (already purchased but not used) online? Does it have to be before the ticket is used the first time? I’m waiting to see how HS is the next couple of weeks before I decide to add PH for sure, but it would be easier to do it online than to have to go to GS.

It does not have to be before first use, but it will be same price no matter how many days left (at least that was my experience when I visited GS, although I ultimately decided not to upgrade). You may be able to call and get them to add–I feel like they are always happy to take more of your money.

I just found something on Disney that said upgrades must be made in person at GS. That’s what I was wondering. I have AP but my son will have a 3 day ticket. I have pm FP’s at AK on his first day. I’m considering adding the morning at HS on our first park day and I don’t really want to take the time to add PH at HS. If he taps into HS in the am with a non-park hopper, will his evening FP’s at AK disappear since technically he wouldn’t be eligible to go into AK that evening until he purchases PH?

I was able to change the number of days and upgrade to a PH online in October. Just went to the my tickets page on the website and had an option to modify my tickets. Was really easy!

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@TarHeelTiff Thanks! That looks like what I need.