Adding Park Tix on Short Notice

Hi everyone! You helped me so much with my August trip, and now my family might be going to WDW again on Dec 2-4. The catch is, we also might not be! Our fave college football team might be playing in a game that weekend - but we won’t know for sure until November 26. We will not go unless the team goes. Since we live flying distance away, and since the WDW resorts are filling up fast, I have already done the following to prepare for the possible trip:

  1. Booked airfare thru Southwest Air (thanks to Touring Plans, I know that this can be applied to any future trip for the same travelers in the next year without any change fee other than fare difference)

  2. Booked room only res thru Disney at Board Walk Inn (yay!). Since we are so close to the trip, one night’s stay was due on booking, the other is due at check-in, but all is refundable if canceled by November 27.

We did not book park tickets because we don’t know when we’ll next go to WDW if this trip gets cancelled. But let’s say we do end up finding out on Nov 26 that we are going on Dec 2. What are my options for getting tix and making some (less competitive) FPP for our park day? We have Magic Bands from our summer trip. Should I use the Disney website to add tickets to my room reservation? Will I then have the ability to link them to my Magic Bands? Is there a better way to do this given the quick turn around? Thanks for any advice!


If you buy tickets from Disney you can assign them to each person on your reservation. Yes, you can use an old magic band but if you have a reservation you can go into MDE and customize your bands now. Your magic bands are linked to your MDE account. If you purchase discount tickets from Parksavers you will get a code in 24-48 hours to link to your MDE account and you can use your magic bands at the park.

Oh, super, thanks @PrincipalTinker! I wasn’t thinking there would be enough time to mail the Magic Bands, so I didn’t realize we would still get them. Maybe at check in?

So it sounds like whether I purchase them through Disney (where they’d get linked to the people on my room res), or whether I purchase through a discounter like Park Savers, I would have the ability to link them to my reservation, use for FPP, and have the Magic Bands active by the time I arrive. I really, really hope we go! :slight_smile: Thanks again.

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