Adding notes to steps in Customized TP?

I’m working on a customized TP for Epcot, and wanting to make sure we prioritize certain features/booths of the F&G Festival. I can add breaks with the names of the booths in the title, but it doesn’t calculate walking time. So I add a nearby kiosk or attraction, and add a note on the TP website to remind myself what that step really means. But I can’t see the notes on the app (presumably what I will be using when I’m in the park). So currently I have a placeholder meal, followed by a break telling me what I really want to do in that general location, followed by another placeholder meal at the same spot in order to correctly calculate my walking time to my next step. NBD except I end up with 15 steps for the 5 random things I want to do, and the TP becomes cumbersome. Anybody have a better solution, or know if the “notes” I add to a given step on the website are visible somewhere on the app?

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I don’t think they are viewable on the app. Maybe @len or another TP staffer can chime in.

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I have the same question. Maybe @PrincipalTinker knows?

If they aren’t viewable in the app, if you publish the plan, you can pull that up in a browser for reference and the individual step notes are there.

I was just playing with this and all I can think of is to create your plan and keep a printable version of it open in your phone’s browser:

(I just did this quick one- you can see my fake notes)?

I cannot see the notes in my plan on the app. I can see the Flower and Garden Festival heading.


Also you don’t even have to “publish” to view your own plans on your phone browser. If you are logged on to to TP site from your phone your plans are listed at the bottom of your Dashboard; publishing creates a link for other people to see them.

I use my phone browser more than the app because I get confused the way “modify” now works on Lines 2.0 and have inadvertently gutted plans before. The only thing about using the phone browser is the plan page and pop up dialog boxes resize themselves weirdly when editing, and can get stuck zoomed in too far. But you can see all the notes!

I make notes at most steps, like which steps are close to bathrooms, menu items to order, etc.

The plan I posted here was not published.

BUT I think it is easier to follow the attractions and optimize from the app.

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But those are modifiable, right? I am a scrolling klutz and tend to unintentionally click on things. The published version, I can’t break anything. :crazy_face:

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As you make changes in the Lines App, can you just refresh that? That’s why I was thinking to use the published link.

ETA: So use the App to modify and optimize, but keep the published browser open and refresh to see notes on latest iteration?

You mark each step as done and every few steps you optimize.

Right, but the printable version you shared, can you just refresh it in one step?

You still have access to that from your browser and you can still bring that up.

Ok, just played with it.

The published one, I can just leave the link open in my browser and refresh the page to pick up any modifications I did in the app.

Using the print method, I have to keep the plan open in my browser, refresh, and then “view and print”?

I’m trying to minimize the number of steps AND idiot-proof opportunities for me to click on wrong things. :crazy_face:

I agree the app is prettier. I especially like that there is a visual for walking time, not just the number in the chart.

I did just notice that aside from notes missing, the app also doesn’t list the other showtimes for shows like the browser does. I kind of like seeing the other options for times in case we are late/early.

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Either the “view and print” method or the publish method included showtimes as well as notes.

And the plan map. I’ve got WDW pretty well in my head, but not UOR.

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Thanks, this is what I’ll do! Seems like a missed opportunity for the app to be able show notes (similar to how you can click for more info and get the smiley faces for each age group). I don’t typically optimize too much in the parks, since my kids are still little and our touring style is a bit more laid back. I just like to have a good idea of what we can expect to accomplish :slight_smile:


I would email touring plans!

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