Adding my fast passes to party plan

I have 3 fastpasses from 4-6 on my party day, how can i add them onto a touring plan for the party b/c you cant optimize?

When you start making your TP for that day it will ask if you are planning on attending the party. When you select that you are then you are able to make a TP for the length of the party.

Are you basically just making a list? It says in the notes not to optimize

I usually end up using evaluate for most of my plans. But it looks like by TP would let me optimize for the party if I chose it. What notes say not to optimize? Maybe someone else should chime in on this one since I’m not sure of the answer.
I was also able to add in any of the special party events that I wanted to attend which is nice to see the times and how I would fit them into our plan.