Adding MK or DAH to a short trip. Help me decide!

I’m taking my “non-Disney” friend to the World for an impromptu 2.5 day girls’ trip Nov 17-19. Staying at B Resort and renting a car. Bought her a 2 day mid day magic ticket since she’s not an early riser and I didn’t want to stress trying to RD. I have AP. Plan was to do Epcot 12-9 one day and AK 12-8 the other. Third day is free/departure but we don’t have to leave for airport until 6:30pm. Friend likes plan but now she wonders if there’s a way to see MK Christmas decorations (preferably at night) also. I’m all for it, but don’t know if it’s too much. Choices would be:

  1. Add PH to her ticket for $74 and hop to MK on Monday 11/18 when it’s open until 10pm. That would mean we would leave AK earlier than I planned. CL at MK is 6 that night since it’s not a party night, so I’m sure it will be pretty crowded especially on Main Street for HEA. Not a lot of time to do rides. Would probably consider doing the after dessert party as a bday treat for her.

  2. Purchase DAH tickets for Monday 11/18 for $105 each and head to MK in time for HEA and then stay 10pm-1am for DAH. Very long day–but could be fun! I’ve never done DAH.

  3. Add a 3rd day to her mid day magic ticket for $78 and go to MK on our departure day from 12-6, then head to airport. It won’t be at night, but it’s a party day and CL is a 1, so we should be able to get a lot of rides in.

Anyone got any opinions?

all of your options sound great! i’d vote for dah. last year, i started my day rope dropping epcot, stayed until 7, stopped at the resort, and headed to mk for dah. yes, it was a long day! but, dah at mk stands as one of my favorite events. it was just after thanksgiving. mk at night is wonderful. add in the castle lit up for the holidays and the kiss goodnight… beautiful!

If it’s in the budget - for $60 dollars more I’d go with DAH hands down!! It’s a really nice way to experience MK - especially if your friend is crowd averse. And then you don’t have to cut AK short!!

DAH would be my pick too.

I would do DAH. Do APs get discounted tickets?

I vote option #2 - DAH - if you stay until at least midnight. I would verify with your friend that they are ok with staying out that late. You’ll get shorter queues, nighttime lights and decor.

If she can’t / won’t stay that late then option 3 is a good idea, if her flight leaves after 9pm

Ok thanks for the positive feedback on DAH! Yes @kerrilux I would get an AP discount on DAH tickets, so that’s nice. I’ll have to talk to my friend and see if she is willing to spend the extra $105 for DAH. We could get into the park at 7, so it’s not a terrible value for 6 hours of park time.

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