Adding Memory Maker during trip

Hey folks…if I wait and add Memory Maker towards the end of my trip, will I have access to pictures from the beginning of my trip? We are planning to upgrade to an Annual Pass, but on the off chance that we don’t and/or the upgrade doesn’t work, I want to be certain that I can buy Memory Maker after the trip has begun and have access to all of our pictures. I’ve read a few posts from people that Disney may credit you the cost of Memory Maker if you purchase it in advance and then upgrade to an AP pass. Can anyone confirm this?

My understanding is the pictures are there, but DIS will charge you more if you buy Memory Maker during your trip rather than before. I’ve heard stories of folks getting credited for Memory Maker when upgrading, but I believe it is dependent on the CM and not a definite.

You will definitely be able to buy it late, but it’s just an extra $30 if you did it that way ($199 rather than the $169 advance price). The advance price has a 3 day wait until pictures start to appear.

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I thought that if you buy it during your trip you cannot see/get pictures until 3 days later. So say my trip starts on Saturday but I purchase it on Monday - I won’t see/access any pics until Thursday of my trip.

Fairly certain if you pay $199 you get them immediately. If you opt to pay $169 you fall under the 3 day clause and it works as you describe.

On the Memory Maker page: the verbiage for the immediate purchase is: “Memory Maker - Starts Immediately - Can be used upon purchase. Purchase is nonrefundable.”

That wording makes me less certain that if you have pics taken on Saturday and buy the “Starts Immediately” version on Monday you would have access to the Saturday pictures though. I thought they were there and available, but it doesn’t say that one way or the other definitively. I guess the same question would apply if you upgrade to an Annual Pass on Monday and thus get the “free” Memory Maker if pictures from Saturday are available. I presume yes, but it’s a presumption on my part versus experience…

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I’m definitely okay with waiting to get access to the pictures…as long as I can access all the pictures from the beginning of my trip. I’ve gone back and forth on what to do. On one hand, I don’t want to pay full price for Memory Maker; however, I also don’t want to pay the reduced price only to upgrade to an AP and then not get a credit for the pre-Memory Maker purchase. Decisions, decisions!

My understanding is that when you pay 199 you are entitled to photos beginning at that time. The advance price of 169 “[d]oes not include photos taken within 3 days of purchase.” That means that you will not have access to photos taken within 3 days of purchase if you buy the advanced package. It is not about access, it is about availability. The advantage of the buy it early price is that you do just that, buy it before you want to start using it.

So, I think if you wait until you get there, you will have to pay for the full price package. Otherwise you will only have photos available to you starting on day 4.