Adding max pass to pre bought tickets

whats the best way to add Max pass to tickets bought from a vendor other than DLR? I hear there can be app/connectivity issues resulting in you having to stand in the customer service line to resolve the issue, thus wasting valuable time. Can I go the the DL sales window a day before my visit and upgrade my tickets to add max pass? All I want to do once I enter the park is start reserving my fast passes.

I know that once your ticket is linked to your ap you can purchase it there, through the ap once you get in the park. I would imagine that could also be done for the duration of your stay at a ticket booth

From what I understand, as of right now the only option is to purchase once you activate your tickets at the turnstile. If there is an option to upgrade onsite the day of, you would have to forfeit any Magic Morning because they would then no longer consider your tickets to be pre-purchased. You might also lose out on any discount you got from a vendor.

I know that some have had a card loaded to their account ready to purchase the MaxPass so that might be a tip. We have only purchased MaxPass once and that day it was super easy to purchase it so while there have been hiccups, I believe there have also been many more days that it works correctly. What I would suggest is to have the very first step of your mornings be very flexible in case you run into any hiccups (ie no dashes to Peter Pan).