Adding Harmony Barbershop appointment to plans?

How would you add an appointment at Harmony Barbershop to a plan? I wish this was listed under shows and diversions, It is in the middle of our day and will screw up my plan royally if I just make it a note. :frowning:

Set it as a break - which you can schedule.

I could do that, I didn’t think of that. The problem, is we are walking from one end of the park to main street and then off to another end so it wont factor the walking time and I am terrible at estimating

Put it in as a reservation at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant? That will give you approximate walking time and you should be able to tell it “how long” I think?

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AH Thank you!

As @MouseGirl42 suggests, putting in a fake reservation at a nearby restaurant is the best way to put in an activity that you plan to do at a specific time.