Adding gift card to reservation

Hi. We had a bunch of gift cards we combined into one gift card. How can I add this to my MDE or my resort reservation so we can use it to pay for dining and at shops? Or do I need to bring it with me to the parks?

You can copy and paste the gift card into payment for mobile orders (keep the number in a note to copy), or use it at restaurants, shops, or go to the front desk and apply it to charges.

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Okay. So I cant save it in there and use it as a auto payment method?

No! You must copy and paste for EVERY transaction!! A gift card does not “store” in MDE and they do NOT warn you about this! It’s very poor design/customer experience! I know because I just finally got $185 back from a situation in October where I made the same assumption as you that “adding” a gift card in MDE would then be stored like a credit card, but it didn’t.

And let me tell you the gift card customer service people cannot do much. They can’t even escalate a situation to a higher up and the email people will just ghost you if they don’t want to help. They are not actually Disney employees they are a 3rd party.

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Ugh. I am sorry you went through all that. Thanks for explaining it though.

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Thanks and you’re welcome! I’m happy that I could prevent someone else having a similar problem!

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++ @PrincipalTinker @mathhound

One additional caveat … On a recent visit, the hotel charged my Folio balance to my credit card BEFORE checkout time. When I went to the front deck to checkout (before checkout time), the desk clerk looked at me like a deer in headlights when I asked them to reverse the credit card transaction and cover the balance due with a gift card. I was able to get it taken care of but it took several conversations with multiple CMs to get it to happen. I’ve never had this issue on any other visit.

You might save yourself some time if you tell the hotel up front that you intend to settle the balance due with a gift card.