Adding Family & Friends to your MDE Account

So I have a friend joining me for the EPIC Liner Meet. She has an established Disney account and her park tickets are linked to it.

I know that I can easily have my TA add her to my room only reservation, but how do I ensure that we are adding her correct account to the reservation as well as my MDE?

The screen to add a friend on MDE just asks for name, and age and I don’t see how it will link the correct account to mine.

Your friend will receive an email with the invitation to accept your invitation to join your friends and family group. You don’t need an exact age just 18+ The request goes through your MDE


So I fill out the page to add her in my MDE, invite her w/ her email address, and then it will connect the correct account on her end?

I did this before w/ dd20, but she didn’t have an account before I invited her.

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Yes, I believe so. I’ve only done it a few times so it’s hard to remember.