Adding extra person above max occupancy?

Someone on here said there’s a day pass for a person who’s not on the resort reservation. That got me thinking.

We are celebrating out little one’s adoption at WDW. We are sooo excited!! He has special needs that we didn’t fully understand when we booked our reservation. He needs a designated person all the time who can tend to him.

My mother has offered to come babysit him during resort times when the other kids want to stay at parks-- not do any parks or restaurants herself, just stay in the room, swim if he’s able, etc., so that when he’s done with parks and needs rest, she’s always ready for him, there and waiting. He sleeps in spells that add up to 16+ hours a day.

CBR is sold out. I cannot get her another room there. Could I add her another way, explaining the situation? If there’s a day pass, could there also be a caregiver pass? I know max occupancy is for fire code, and I would want her on the room reservation for safety. Or could I book her at POP, for instance, just so she legally has a room on property and still have her stay with us as a registered visitor?

We will follow rules and won’t sneak people into our rooms. I want permission within the rules. Any suggestions? Respond here or email at :slight_smile: Appreciate you guys!

If you need her to sleep in Disney I would call and tell them your situation. They will have the best idea if there is any way to ,legally add her. If not, PoP sounds like a great idea. Have a great trip!

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Just in case there was any doubt, apparently, there are no exceptions to the max number of guests. I knew this was the case but hoped there was some way to work around it. In addition, I cannot book a room at another resort and then have my mom stay with us. I also knew that rule, but my family kept telling me to just ask anyway, in case they could work something out for us. I knew it wouldn’t work, but they didn’t trust me haha.