Adding dining plan with room only reservation

For our spring trip, I have an AP and I wanted to get the DDDP for our stay. I do not need to buy a package with tickets as I don’t need them and was planning to buy discounted tickets for the others in my room and link them. Am I able to add dining without tickets IF I have an AP? Even if only 1 of us has an AP? Do I have to link the tickets first? The website would not allow this, but perhaps I have to call (ugh!). Any advice is appreciated.

Yes you can, it’s called a ticketless package - so your room only will become a package and bound by those cancellation/payment rules. I think you do have to call. You don’t need to have tickets linked.


Also, if you are getting the room with an AP rate you may add the dining plan on the website. @missoverexcited said anyone can book a ticketless package but if you do not have an AP you need to call.

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Ah–that must be where I saw it last time, from the AP rate page for 2018 trip but this one is for 2019. Thanks!