Adding DDP

Hi All,

I need some help here…so when we booked our reservation last year, I didn’t add the DDP at the time because I hadn’t crunched the numbers yet, yada, yada, yada. I just went in now to add it in and it increased my overall package total by $250 (in addition to the DDP cost). It appears to be adding this amount to our hotel stay? So are we shut out from adding the dining plan without assuming this additional hotel cost? Can someone explain this to me? Granted, I haven’t had enough caffeine this morning, but I don’t get what they are doing…can provide screenshots if needed. What am I missing?

It sounds like there has been a room increase since you booked. If you make a modification any increases are applied.

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Thanks…guess that settles that then…:disappointed:

oooh. thats a bummer

I think its worth a call. I was able to add a dining plan and keep my discount by calling a few years ago. Its worth a call.