Adding commute to/from resort and off site ADRS

I wish there was a way to add our resort and outside the park ADRs to our touring plan so that we could fully plan our whole day including commute. Or, is there a way to do this?
For example, one day we will go from Pop to MK and take a break and go back to MK just to get the boat to FW for our ADR at MBB and I would love to put that in a plan to see the commute times, etc.
I hope that even made sense :smile:

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I think I understand what you’re saying. I think there are too many variables to make that happen.

There are general guidelines for commute times but then you also have to factor in how early Disney advises you to arrive for a given ADR. For something like MBB, if it’s similar to HDDR, you should allot an hour to get from MK to FW via the boat.

The thing is, the touring plans are really just for touring the theme parks. If you were to return to MK after MDD, you’d just start a new TP at the time you think you’d be back a the park.

An hour from my resort to MK to FW to MBB or an hour just from MK to MBB?

I would plan 60 minutes from Pop to MK and MK to Pop. I would add an extra 30 minutes (Pop to MK boat to FW ) for your MBB.

An hour & a half total if you going Pop to MK to MBB.

You should build in extra time to wait for the bus at Pop, walk from the bus to the boat launch, and then wait for the boat. Those 3 things alone could account for 30 minutes.

When you’re going from MK to FW by boat, you need to build in extra time because you may queue up right after a boat has departed. Then you’ll wait 20+ minutes for another boat, then get on the boat and make your way to FW. MBB is a short walk from the boat dock.

It always takes longer than you think to get from one place to another at WDW.

Agree with @disney1974. If all the stars and planets were in perfect alignment, you might make it in as little as 60 min, but I would certainly PLAN for 90.

Does it make more sense to drive? I have a similar scheule, going to Fort Wilderness on my HS day. I was hoping to just take Disney transportation while at the park, but since we’re driving, is it more efficient to drive around to the different resorts/parks?

One of the main things is we want to ride the boat. Our kids would love it, so we will probably just have to deal with the commute time and do disney transportation.

@jaleesasmith - Coming from a park it’s not quite as involved as you can take a bus directly to FW. But whether you drive or take the bus, you’ll have to use the internal FW transportation to get to HDDR or MBB. Generally speaking, it’s MUCH easier to drive if you are going resort-to-resort (it’s about the only time I drive when I’m in WDW), but FW is a bit different because of the way it’s set up.

@nevahuddleston - the boat ride is really quite enjoyable. And for the kids it will be like taking a boat to an “outpost” where you attend the MBB. It should be a fun experience.