Adding CL Extra FP way after the 90 day window opens


I am currently booked CL arriving 11/20-leaving 11/26. My FP window opens on 9/21. The more I think about it, the more I am thinking of adding the extra FP for three of our days, but now of course, the benefits of being able to schedule those 90 out has passed since I am now almost at my 60 day window. Is it even worth it at this point? I am thinking having 6 FP per park for the three heaviest days of our trip would be really nice…


So, for most people, the longest window possible is 60+14 days. This would be somebody who has a 14 day stay starting on the same day as you. So, if you are on 9/21 then you are currently at around 60+10. I would think you would have MANY good options available to you if you add CL FPP, but I would do it TODAY because each additional day that goes by will reduce the availability of FoP, 7DMT, SDD, etc. I would think you will have plenty of options during your trip at this point (maybe not on the first day or two, but certainly, I would imagine, by day 3 or 4).

If you are gonna drop the bucks for the extra FPP, I would not think about it for too long…


Have you compared the cost of the extra CL fps with DAHs? I have been wondering about this myself. I think that the cost is about the same and the reviews of DAHs are very good.


I am doing the CL FPP program for my trip coming up in October. You can cancel up to a day or two ahead of time. So, one thing you might consider is booking them and seeing if you are able to get FPP that make it worth your while, and if not, cancelling either immediately or later.


P.S. You book your FPP by speaking directly with Disney Signature Services by phone, so you will get immediate feedback as to whether your desired FPP are available. The CL ones cannot be changed except by calling, the 3 “included” ones can be tinkered with immediately on your MDE account. Within minutes of booking them through DSS, I logged on and modified my included FPP to slightly better times.


There aren’t any DAHs for the days we are going, unless I am missing something.


So you call DSS and tell them which days and times to book for and they do that while you are on the phone?


Exactly. You’ll immediately know if you can get the FPP you want.


Agree they will be able to tell you then you can decide if it’s worth it!