Adding Calvalcades to touring plans

Apologies if it has been asked (did check). How do you add calvalcades (which now have posted times) to your personalized touring plans? I cant find them as an option in shows or attractions…

I’m not sure you can (yet)…but even if you could, the time will be highly dependent on where you are in the park. Unlike a parade, which has people lining up along the entire route for something that is very long…a cavalcade is only basically one float, plus some street characters. As such, the time you might see a cavalcade in Frontierland will be quite different from catching the same cavalcade on Main Street.

I’d add a 5-10 minute break. (10 would be in the long side.) No matter where you are in the park when you see it, it flies by in a couple of minutes.

Do we know what time they usually have the cavalcades? I won’t be in MK until the afternoon and evening.

I saw this option under “Shows, Parades, & Diversions” and it surprised me, because I thought cavalcades didn’t run on a set schedule. But maybe TP knows something I don’t. But you can definitely add it to your plan now.

On July 19, it was a news item on that MDE now had showtimes for the cavalcades at all four parks.