Adding an extra night at beginning of trip. Current resort has no room to accommodate this change. Thoughts please?

We will be driving in a night earlier and need to add another night to our Coronado Springs stay. However, there doesn’t appear to be a room in the same resort available at this time. Would you recommend we just get a room at a hotel outside of Disney and drive in that morning and park at the park we plan on visiting and drive to CS end of the day or pick another resort like POFQ? What are the pros and cons and what do I need to know? I hate that I can’t get in the same room earlier but that’s what I get for the change. Do you think there might be a chance something opens up?
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Call to see if they have a room at Coronado Springs. I’ve been able to add a day to the beginning that didn’t show online by calling.

I was going to say the same thing - call and say you want to add a day - I wouldn’t even mention that you can see nothing on-line. I did it before with no issue

It doesn’t hurt to try, but if they are in fact full in your desired room category, you could always get a different room type or a different resort. If you have to move after night one, the only benefit to staying on property on night one is FPP access one day early but I think that is only if your tickets are linked to the first stay (I could be wrong about this). You could also get a much cheaper place to sleep the night before outside the bubble–we did this a few years ago and watched the fireworks off at a distance at epcot I think from our room at Embassy Suites down the road. And then we drove to our resort and hopped on the bus in the morning after our free breakfast, returning to our resort after we got our room ready text.

Are you planning on going to the parks that day before? If not, I would book outside the parks. Get up early, breakfast, drive to my Disney resort and hop to the parks! You could even leave your suitcases with bell services if you don’t want to leave them in the car. Or the food.

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Really comes down to how early did you want to be in parks on your new day one. If early, you could stay at any resort on property, head to park, and have Disney transfer luggage to Coronado. If not in a big rush, stay off site, drive to Coronado, drop your stuff, and go. Our room at Boardwalk in April was ready when we arrived at noon. We stayed near the airport the night before and then showed up in the morning. But day 1 wasn’t a park day for us.

The advantage to stay at WDW that new first night is that Disney will keep and (I think ) move your stuff). Ifyou are off property, you wil lhave to pack everything into your vehicle to move it.