Adding an extra day to MYW base tickets

Currently have 4 day base tickets and considering adding a fifth day since we’re probably flying in one night early, also the more days you’re there the less to add per day etc…
Was just wondering if I should expect to add the additional cost at the current rates or what the rates were when we booked? We locked in before the increase. Thanks! :smile:

Call Disney and ask. They’ll have the most accurate info and are incredibly nice and helpful.

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We ended up doing this on our trip this last week and it’s the current rates. We had also locked in before the increase so I had expected to pay around $30 for us to go from 7 to 8 days, instead it was $143 for that extra day for us because of the price increase.

Wow $30 to $143 seems like quite a difference, lol! Did you add it before your trip through Disney or while there?

You’ll have to confirm this, but I thought I read that you can add another day at the original difference if you wait until you’ve used it once? Can anyone confirm?

It depends on where you bought the tickets from. If you bought them from Disney, then you will pay the difference between what you paid and the current price of the ticket you are upgrading to. If you bought the tickets from a third party reseller, you can upgrade at the current price difference IF you have used at least one admission - this upgrade gas to be done at Guest Services in a park or at a ticket booth.

We had bought our tickets through Disney directly and we did it in the middle of our stay at Guest Relations in the park.

I’m a little confused about when I am allowed to upgrade my ticket. Are you all saying I can only upgrade while AT the park? I’ve finally accumulated enough Airmiles that I can buy a 7-day base ticket, but we’re a family of 5 going for 10 days with PH and WP add ons. I planned on buying from UT but wanted to upgrade this one ticket in question by the time I purchase my others so when my 60-day FP window opens, I’m set to go. But if I can’t upgrade beforehand, then I won’t be able to book FPs for the Airmiles-purchased ticket.

No you won’t be able to upgrade that ticket until you get there, so will only be able to book 7 days of FPP. I would buy the ticket you want to start with. Save the airmiles if you won’t have enough to get the ticket that matches everyone elses.

Yeah, I wasn’t ever able to figure out how to upgrade a day before getting there but it was nice to have one relaxed day, especially at Epcot where there is so much to do with just wandering. I did get FPPs the night we upgraded which was a day or two before our park day, but Test Track was all out and IMO that’s the only Epcot FPP worth having. The rest didn’t need any kind of FPP because waiting through the FPP was the same or similar as the standby wait.

I’m gonna jump in, here, too, since we’re thinking about doing the same thing.

We’d want to add an extra day, but the extra would be at the beginning of our trip. I’m OK not having any fastpasses that first day. My question is… if we use a day of our ticket, on that first day, without fastpasses, will we lose our fastpasses for a later day in our trip?

So, example. We go Tuesday, with no FPP reserved, and use Day 1 of our ticket. On Wednesday, we have FPP, and upgrade our ticket by 1 day. On the last day, Saturday, do we still have FPP reservations? (Assuming I’d booked FPP for Wednesday thru Saturday.

That’s a really tricky question. I would go first to Guest Relations or call them before you do use the ticket for the day without FPP. I know that the FPP reservation system was smart enough to know exactly how many park days I had purchased and once all those days were used it didn’t allow any further reservations.

In order to avoid losing any FPP I would make sure you have enough days left to maintain all the FPP you have.