Adding an extra day ticket pricing

Generally, if you want to add a day onto an existing park ticket, you pay the difference in the two tickets. So, for example, if you pay $450 for a 5 day ticket, and the 6 day is $475, then you’d pay $25 to upgrade.

No problem.

So the idea of POSSIBLY adding a day to our WDW tickets crossed my mind, and I wanted to figure out how much it would cost. Trouble is, the tickets I bought from Undercover Tourist are called “4 Day plus two extra days free”. So, that makes it 6 days.

But does that make it a 6-Day ticket? Or just a ticket you can use for 6 days, but it is considered a 4-Day ticket?

In other words, am I paying to upgrade a 4-day ticket to a 5 day ticket (plus getting two extra days free), or am I paying to upgrade a 6-day ticket to a 7 day?

In the first case, the upgrade cost would be $16 per ticket. In the latter case, the upgrade cost would be $7 per ticket. For 6 tickets, that’s a difference of $96 versus $42, or more than twice as much.

When I have done this in the past, they have used the incremental difference between what they list the price as for number of days / type of pass I have vs. the new pass I want. So in your example, the old ticket would be considered a 6-day ticket.

But I haven’t done this in a while so maybe someone else has more recent data.

Okay. That’s what I was hoping/thinking…but then, I wouldn’t put it past Disney to punish those who do the “extra day” type tickets by treating as though they are a lesser ticket and charge them more.

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Yes Disney considers it a 6 day ticket.

When I’ve bought tickets from Undercover in the past, they sometimes run deals where the 4 day plus 2 extra days is cheaper then the 6 day ticket, so they recommend you get the 4 plus 2 free days. That ticket should be good for 6 days total in the parks. Not sure why it is not listed as just a 6 day ticket or how they get that deal, but that is my experience in the past.