Adding an adult to only part of resort stay

Hmmm. I am having a tough time here. I have a 7 day resort stay booked for 2 adults. I want to add my adult daughter to the room for only 4 of these nights. CM says I cannot do it. She can only be added to the entire stay. That means being charged an additional per adult charge for 3 nights she will not be there. Not tragic, but hey, it’s a round of margaritas!

The other option she gave me was to go to the front desk when DD arrives and add her to the room. That way I would only be charged for the 4 nights!

Here’s the problem with that scenario… It means DD cant’s have a 60 day FPP window. I could buy her ticket in advance, but it would only give her a 30 day FPP window. So I will have to roll the dice and hope I can get her the same FPP times as us.

I am wondering what if I add her to the room, get her a ticket, link the whole thing, book FPP’s together at 60 days and then take her off the room? When she arrives, put her back on at the front desk as described above. I’m not trying to get out of paying the extra adult charge for her. It just irks me to pay for nights that she won’t be there!

Will her FPP’s disappear if I take her off the room? She would still have a ticket.

For the record, this is a dumb policy on Disney’s part, IMHO

I believe that if she has her own MDE account with a ticket linked to it you will be able to remove her from the reservation after you pass the 30 day mark and she will keep her FPP reservations. However, you are venturing into uncharted waters here, so anything make happen.

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Okay that comment cracked me up! Thanks because I was feeling peevish about the whole thing.

here’s another wrinkle…don’t you have to pay in full at 45 days?

Oh wait, this is a RO, so the 45 day rule does not apply. Hmmmmmm

I think what you are proposing will work… Add her, book at 60 days. Remove her at day 29. Add her when she arrives. It should work at least in theory… If you had a package it would be more complicated.


Make sure it’s 30 days from the last day of FPP’s you have booked. But otherwise I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.


Ahhh good point. Other wrinkle is she may not get magic bands. But she has one already and we could activate with the hotel room when she gets there, I am thinking.

Her FPP’s should already work with it if I link the park tickets to her MDE.

What would I do without @Outer1? And @999HappyHaunts and @brklinck :kissing_heart:


The MB’s should ship at the 30 day mark so just wait til they go out. You can remove her up until 5 days before so there is plenty of time for that. Plus even if she didn’t get one they’d give her a grey one at the desk.

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Once it’s shipped they won’t deactivate it even if you drop her off the reservation.


I think I’m going to try it. @DarthDopey will you weigh in?

Love all the Disney Ninjas here


Good point on the magic band. I’m also likely to buy her a MNSSHP ticket. That should not be affected at all, I am thinking

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I would imagine you could just add her back into the room when she physically shows up. They’ll take your money for the extra person fee and figure out how to add her if she’s standing right there.


Nope that ticket wouldn’t be affected.

@BearsMom2011 do you still need me to chime in? I’ll read up and see if I have anything to add

We have a group of 7, but only 4 staying in a Disney hotel. 2 for 3 nights, 2 for 1 night. After that we are all in an off site condos with 2-9 park days each, most 6-7. As long as we booked FPs that included at least one person that had an onsite hotel night, we could book for everyone in the group that were on the friends and family list, EVEN the ones that never stayed onsite, 60 days in advance. We could do for up to the total number of days on each ticket.

We were totally stunned. Only found out by accident because my offsite brother was making some practice FPs then deleting them to get ready for when he hit the 30 day mark. He noticed that as soon as he included one of us that are staying onsite, he could do 60 days out.

So that happened to us. I won’t promise it can happen ever again, and I do wonder if it’s a loophole that will be plugged one day.


You are such an expert in my mind and wondering if you would share advice?

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Really? Very interesting!

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What was the ticket situation for your group?

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3 Priemer APs, 1 7 day PH, 2 6 day non-PH & 1 2 day non-PH.


ALL are correct.

Have her create her own MDE account and you friend each other. She adds her tickets to her account.

You add her to your Room Only reservation. She customizes her MB.

Make your FPP’s at 60 days.

Wait for the MB’s to be sent out.

anytime from day 29-6 days prior to check in you can remove her from the reservation. Since she has ticket media on her account, she shouldn’t lose the FPP’s.

When she arrives, check her in for her days. They may give her a grey MB anyway or they can just confirm that her MB is activated and working for the room at check in.


You are a ninja. Thank you! What do you make of @ralfrick 's experience?