Adding ADRs and Waterparks to my Dashboard

Hello everyone!

I am new to using the Touring Plan. Quick question. We are staying Aug 10th through Aug 19th. I have added each park on each of the days. I do not see the option to add a water park. I would also like to add my ARDs but I do not see that as an option.

I am pretty sure I am missing something. Thank you in advance for any help you have to offer :smile:


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I added my ADRs to the notes section.

That was what I did too but I was hoping to get the ADRs onto the dates we are going to be in each park.

I thought there were notes for each day? My trip was last week and I would write things like: BOG pre RD ADR. Morning MK, change resorts. I will also admit creating a google sheet that I saved in my google drive that I could access from my phone. That way if MDE or TP went down I had all my ADRs and FPs noted.

I was going to create a new topic when I saw this one already made. We can’t add Typhoon Lagoon to the schedule directly?


I guess this is a feature request, please let us add plans for the waterparks to our dashboards. +1

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