Adding a single day to an existing ticket

Hi Guys!

We are visiting WDW in August. Have purchased 7-day Magic Your Way base tickets, electronically, through a third-party vendor.

We’d like to add one more park day to each ticket. I see on the official site that this is possible.

Has anyone done this? I’m guessing we would pay (at Guest Services, or at the park ticketing window) for the cost increase from a 7-day pass to an 8-day pass – and not a full price extra day.

So, for example, an adult 7-day ticket upgrading to an adult 8-day ticket would be about $12, right?

Yes, you pay the difference. Know your numbers and if the CM is wrong tell them, “this is what I think it should be…” If the CM still has it wrong, thank them and go to another CM at another park.


Thanks! Just wanted confirmation from my trusted peeps here. :smiley: