Adding a room to bouncback

So I booked three rooms with the Bounceback offer (free dining) for my family, my parents and my sisters family. All staying at POP. All free dining.

My sister has a son who is 12 and will have a 6 month old (yay!) on the trip and her husband. She thinks she wants two rooms for various reasons (most likely her husband and son will keep later hours and sleep in ). She understands they may not connect or be close but a chance she is willing to take. So my question (finally!)…can she book a room only reservation for another room and still keep the free dining she already has? Or does one of them have to “move” to the room only reservation and forfeit free dining?

This may be confusing. But any insight would be appreciated! Thanks!

If the second room-only is booked on a separate MDE account under his name it shouldn’t be a problem. However asking for connecting rooms may flag your situation and lead to questions. Might be worth calling to ask a CM to see if they can arrange what they need upfront, if not then book separately and request to be nearby when you get there. Maybe one check in online then have the person on the second reservation request to be in the same area upon arrival? Or maybe think about changing their reservation to an AOA family suite, probably about the same cost as two Pop rooms and gives them a separate room in one suite, and still very close to Pop.