Adding a guest at check in?

My mom is now coming to mnsshp with us in October yay! I booked AKL through Travelocity (nightmare) but a great deal! Called them three times today and try are telling me that I can’t add an adult to the ressie. Will I have a problem adding her when we check in? She’s driving separate- will she be able to park and get in? Should I just cancel with travelocity take the $25 hit and rebook WL through dis? Sorry it’s a lot of questions… Just so annoyed now and I’m 36 days out!

If it’s only $25, I would cancel it! I’ve found that discounts are not worth dealing with anyone other than WDW directly.

I’m not sure why she can’t be added. Are you on the dining plan? The room at max capacity? I would just add her at check-in. As far as parking, I’m sure she can just give your reservation number and she will be fine.
My concern with cancelling and rebooking is there somehow not being vacancy when you book through Disney.

I have no idea!!! I have two adults in the room already and I guess that’s the problem? No dining plan… Staying one night for mnsshp. Just going to add her at check in… Canceling with them costs $25 and there aren’t too many rooms left around that price range for our weekend. I will never ever book through travelocity again.

That’s bizarre. I’ve seen several threads on here about booking through travelocity and modifying after the fact. I’ll see if I can find the one I’m thinking of!

I’m sure you will get it resolved so don’t stress! Worst case scenario, do you need to even add her? Can’t she just crash in your room without formally being on your reservation?

It was like they were all crazy… I talked to three different agents and they all said I had to call Disney (which isn’t true) maybe I will try tomorrow if I have my right mind! Hahaha! The only thing about her crashing is she is meeting us there so driving/parking… Think I could try to be sneaky and say my husband drove seperately? Can you even get two parking passes for one room ressie? Geez I’m stressing…

Ohhhh! I just realized you were calling Travelocity. Yeh, I would definitely call Disney and I’d be willing to bet that they will add her with zero issues. Just call Disney and give them your reservation # and say that you want to make sure all three of you are included on the res.

Oh sorry… I was calling travelocity— Disney is way better :wink: I called Disney as well and they said I had to modify with Travelocity… I’m at a dead end I think.

If she’s not officially on the reservation, she won’t be able to unlock anything (e.g. the room door), even if she gets a MB with her park ticket, she technically does not get access to any resort amenities like the pool, and you won’t be able to make any FP+ reservations for her until you get closer to the trip.

Yeah I wouldn’t want to get in trouble :wink: we are only doing mnsshp for one night anyways…

Disney will charge you an extra $25 for the third adult in the room. We now have to pay extra for our DD20 in our room. Hope it works out!