Adding a day?

can you add a day when you get to the resort? We are landing at mco around 1130am then off to POP. Would it be possible to add a day to our tix when we got to the resort? i’m hesitant to do it now b/c we are flying in from upstate NY so could be delayed due to snow. you never know! last trip we were delayed due to other reasons and missed our ADR

You can add a day at anytime, up to 10 days total, as long as you still have at least one day left on your ticket. However, you might need to do it at guest services at a park or at DTD - I’m not sure you can do it at all resorts

Thank you!

is there a way to see a price chart to know how much adding a day would be? We currently have a 3 day ticket for one adult and one child

Try here. It’s Disney’s official link.

perfect! Thank you!!