Adding a day

We are doing 3 days in late November but I am ever so slightly leaning into the idea of adding a day. Does anyone know roughly what that would cost us. We have 4 “adults” and 1 child. Also, we bought third party. I am not sure the routes to go to look up this amount?

Using Undercover Tourist’s ticket prices, adding a fourth day takes a base ticket (not park hopper) up about $75/ticket.

Once you get to four days, adding a fifth, sixth, etc, costs dramatically less.

3 day: $310
4 day: $384 (+$74)
5 day: $394 (+$10)
6 day: $405 (+ 11)

Not sure where you plan to get tickets, but Undercover Tourist USUALLY has the best prices (not always).

Note that they list their ticket prices WITH tax, whereas other places list without tax, so be careful when doing a comparison.

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Sounds like you already have tickets and would have to add a day once you arrived at the parks.

If your tickets aren’t refundable or changeable through the seller, you would just pay the difference between 3-day and 4-day tickets as listed on the Disney site at the time of your trip. I think you need to enter a park and then make this upgrade at Guest Services. I have not personally done this exact thing, although I upgraded from a 4-day ticket that I bought from Disney before a price increase to an AP upon arrival and that is what happened for me.

Based on current prices of non-park hopper, looks like it would be around $375 (plus tax) to add a day for 4 adults/1 child.

Ah. I missed that bit.

This is correct. You just visit guest services, ask to add a day. The current difference for an adult non-PH ticket to add day 4 is about $75 per ticket. After four days is where the price really drops, because to add day 5 is only about an additional $15 and days 6 - 10 are an additional $10 per day.