Adding a day to my tickets

My flight anxiety has prompted me to book a flight down that is much, much earlier than expected. We are now scheduled to arrive at 9:37am, when I originally (well, originally in my first addition) expected to arrive late at night. This flight has had a very good on-time record since June, probably because it’s early enough that it’s not affected by earlier delays.

Anyway, since we’re arriving so early I thought maybe we might want to hit up MK to enjoy the lower pre-party crowds for a few hours, but we only have a 4 day hopper (and our trip is now 5.5 functional days long). I bought the tickets from Sam’s Club, and they’re already in MDE and assigned. Does anyone know how difficult it is to add 1 day?

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Check to see if you can modify in MDE. You may be able to.

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Woah! I totally can! I thought for sure it would be a problem since I got it from a third party. That’s super convenient, thanks!

But as it turns out I could also upgrade to PH+ and we’d be able to go to a water park that day, or on our pre-party day… I suppose I should ask the niece if she has a preference. I was thinking about just having a pool day, but I don’t want to risk wanting to change but not having our room ready yet.



And WOW, she really wants to do the waterparks, and she also asked about putt putt, which I think is included with the PH+. Best thing is that it’s only $42 total to add it to both our tickets.


This is something I had wondered about before but never looked into. Good to know.


I was able to modify our tickets from Undercover Tourist in MDE too. It seems like once they’re in MDE, it doesn’t matter where you got them.