Adding a day to 3rd party ticket

Posted on lines thread but thought it would be easier to explain here. Need some feedback on my options for adding a day to my Undercover Tourist ticket. Purchased a 5 day ticket. Decided to add a day, but its our first day. Also have a pre rd breakfast that morning. We’re going during Thanksgiving so crowd levels are high and I don’t want to lose my fp’s for my other park days that cl’s are a 10. Planning on going to guest services and add the day prior to using a day. Its going to be pricey but I can’t think of a better option. So its the difference from UT tickets to Disney prices plus adding the day. Any thoughts?? Also, I bought the tickets before the price increase, will they use that amount? TIA

Unless Undercover Tourist tickets are different somehow - the tickets you have aren’t dated. They’re just good for N days. So really it shouldn’t matter that you’re adding a day on the front end vs. the back end. Just show up and use them and then after use add the day and save a few bucks.

Unless I’m missing something and Undercover Tourist dates the tickets somehow…

Will I lose the fp’s I schedule by using a day? Mde will think I only have 4 days left but I would have booked fp’s already for the 5 days. That’s why I felt I would have to add the day before I enter. Sorry if this is confusing, hard to explain.

Yes it will cancel your last days fpp. Due to you only having 4 days left on your tix Another liner had a similar issue recently. If you add before park entry you will be charged the price diff between what you paid to uct and the gate price that day. This is the only way to keep your existing fpp for day 6.

You will lose you last day of FPs since you no longer have a valid ticket fhat day. Unless you are willing to cancel one day of FPs (it can be any of your days) you will pay full price. I believe that you will also pay the price increase. Did you run the numbers? The savings, plus increase during some times of the year may approach a one day ticket price (yes- that much money!) Of course it is peak time so it will most likely is less.